What is Cardiac Neurosis?

Cardiac Neurosis is a disease that is associated with several conditions namely: circulatory system conditions, chest

Cardiac Neurosis Symptoms and Therapy

All you need to know about cardiac neurosis

conditions, and the most common are the heart conditions. It is generally defined as an anxiety reaction that is characterized by shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, rapid heartbeat, palpitations, dizziness, and other related cardiac symptoms, but is never really caused by a heart disease.

Elaborating the details of Cardiac Neurosis

According to studies, about 60% of the patients who consults for a cardiac condition are actually suffering from an exaggerated and unnecessary anxiety feeling and not quite based from verifiable evidence. These people who experience the common symptoms of a heart disease are likely just assuming to have cardiac problems but the results of examinations never really shows that they have one.

Patients suffering from cardiac neurosis believe that they have poor cardiac activity, thus concludes that their feelings of discomforts are due to having a heart ailment. The emotional reactions of patients of this disease may greatly vary as some may just have feelings of fears, while others may have a tendency of shortness of breath to suffocation and consequently become hysterical, panicking, or even conceive that they are going to die.

Most researchers suggests that the reason why patients assume that they have some kind of cardiac ailment is due to false information or comment given by either a family, a friend, a nurse, or even from a careless remarks made by a doctor without further examining the patient. Patients who suffered from cardiac neurosis are often times suggestible and sensitive, thus believing remarks of other people without further consultation of their condition. Studies show that in most cases, these patients also have a family history of nervous instability. Although not always, but mostly these patients have pessimistic types of mind. That is when they are told that they have a certain disease or condition and they take it seriously and are not able to forget or take away that thought of it. However, studies also suggest that one cannot thoroughly conclude that the fear of a cardiac disease only exists when there is none. As such, some of these patients might actually have a real heart ailment, only it is not that intense.

The term “Cardiac Neurosis” can be considered as a general moniker for such heart disease and may come in several other terms associated with it such as Chronic asthenia, Da Costa’s syndrome, Effort syndrome, Neurocirculatory asthenia, Primary neurasthenia, and Neurasthenia.