Ways to Prevent Cardiac Neurosis

Cardiac neurosis is one of the common issues on the performance of the human heart that does not necessarily caused by actual heart diseases. Most of the time it is caused by emotional stress resulting to great rhythmic changes in the heart. This means that there are a lot of ways to protect ourselves from cardiac neurosis.


Taking Medications

There are many things that can cause emotional stress. Anxiety, personal problems, relieving traumatic experiences and the like can really cause rapid changes in the heart’s rhythmic patterns. Drugs are the fastest way to return the abnormal cardiac behavior to normal. Common drugs like such as valium can work since they deal with anxiety. Another drug that can help deal with cardiac neurosis is bisoprolol. It does this by regulating the flow of blood to the heart which helps in lessening the effects of the neurosis.


The only problem with these drugs is that they are primarily for actual heart diseases. One particular example is heart attack. Anxiety and high blood can trigger this condition and valium and bisoprolol effectively prevent these conditions. This gives us an opportunity with dietary supplements that can relieve the causes of cardiac neurosis. Since we are not really dealing with a heart disease but just a side-effect of stress and problems that greatly affect our emotions, there is no need to take in powerful chemicals.


A good way to deal with the causes of cardiac neurosis is to increase certain amount of nutrients.


Dietary Supplements to fight Cardiac Neurosis

Vitamin C supplement is the easiest way to help deal with cardiac neurosis. This powerful anti-oxidant helps prevent anxiety and promote the feeling of relaxation which stabilizes cardiac activity. You can easily get this supplement since it is readily available even in convenience stores nowadays. You can even consider taking beverages that have vitamin C. However, you should focus more on pure C tablets. You can also opt for the ones that do not require food prior to taking them such as the sodium ascorbate variety.


Another supplement for cardiac neurosis is the vitamin B supplement. It is better known as the B complex supplement since you will need all 3 important B vitamins which are B1, B3 and B6. You can get them via generic to avoid expensive popular brands and still have the same effect. Vitamin B also offers a lot of other benefits other than helping you deal with cardiac neurosis just like vitamin C. And it is even safe to have both.


A good dietary supplement that can also help in preventing cardiac neurosis is the green tea. It is a very effective relaxing beverage that also contains minerals that can greatly improve health and overall well-being. A common ingredient found in green tea is L-theanine which helps you become calm and relax.


Recent studies lead to the discovery of GABA, a non-essential amino acid in the brain that helps normalize neuro-cellular activity. And one of the best ways to boost the brain’s production of GABA is eating the root of the herb called Valerian. It is a very effective herb when it comes to preventing anxiety attacks and in achieving sleep without the need for powerful sleeping pills.

It is also a good alternative to taking actual GABA supplements. It is much better to help stimulate the body’s natural production of important amino acids than increasing it from outside sources.


This does not mean that you should avoid GABA supplements. If you happen to have a natural lack of this amino acid then taking in more GABA should help you counter cardiac neurosis. But you must first consult a doctor when it comes to this type of supplement. You should also consider more natural alternatives for your source of GABA.


If you do not want a pure GABA supplement you can opt for the famous phenybut. Phenybut is a supplement used to promote relaxation and proper rest by calming the body and act like a depressant. It is popular among bodybuilders since it helps them sleep faster and have ample rest for the next day. It is also great in preventing cardiac neurosis.


As you can see, remedies for cardiac neurosis revolve around relaxants or even depressants. However, there is a clear emphasis on the ones that primarily helps you relax instead of making you feel drowsy. However, there are a lot of these supplements that do both. So if you want to focus on relaxants then avoid the ones that promote sleepiness.


Now you know about the options when it comes to dealing with cardiac neurosis. You can go for the drugs that have fast effects but expose you to chemicals or go for the safer ways like the dietary supplements. It is all up to you.